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This Month in Delaware History

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 Swaanendael Museum, built 1931, Lewes, Delaware. DHS Postcard Collection/ Museums

During this month in 1631, the first colonists of European descent set foot on Delaware soil in what is today Lewes, Delaware. The fledgling colony was from Holland and called itself Swaanendael (aka Zwaanendael), meaning ‘Valley of Swans’. It was, however, a tragically short lived settlement. Although the land had been lawfully purchased from local Native Americans along the Delaware River, a horrible misunderstanding brought about the massacre of the entire village. Although no one survived, Nanticoke Indians explained what happened to David Pietersen de Vries when he arrived a year later from Holland with a second group of colonists. CLICK HERE TO READ FULL ARTICLE



Object of the Month

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National Progressive Party banner. Gift of John Munroe, 2004. Dimensions: 15” wide x 22” long

Delaware has recently seen a whirlwind of presidential campaigners seeking your vote. Bernie Sanders shared his thoughts at Wilmington’s Riverfront on Saturday, April 23; Hillary Clinton took the stage at Wilmington’s World Café Live on Monday, April 25; and Donald Trump took the stump in Harrington, Delaware on Friday, April 22.

Today, we welcome you to the 1912 Presidential election; an election with uncanny similarities to the current race to the White House.




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