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This Month in Delaware History

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DuPont Highway near Red Lion Creek, 1934.  T. Coleman DuPont standing on the highway which bears his name, c. 1920

In early September of 1924 the DuPont Highway ( Route 13 ), which runs the entire north-south length of Delaware, was fully completed. This important transportation artery was financed and gifted to the State of Delaware by T. Coleman DuPont. The road is named in his honor. DuPont personally spent $3,917.004 on the construction of the highway, which comes to $44,000 per mile.

Images: DuPont Highway near Red Lion Creek, 1934.
DHS Photograph Collection ROA41
T. Coleman DuPont standing on the highway which bears his name, c. 1920.
DHS Photograph Collection PPLD136



Object of the Month

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Shelton Electric Vibrator, ca. 1917

As we are always being told, your health is your wealth, and this month’s special object, a circa 1917 Shelton Electric Vibrator, shows us that the search for better health has been a long-running one. As electricity in homes became more widely available during the early twentieth century, inventors kept pace with a wide array of new devices that utilized it. The Shelton Electric Vibrator was the brainchild of William Gentry Shelton (1873-1933), the son of Theodore and Jane (Gentry) Shelton of St. Louis, Missouri. He started in his father’s hat business but soon turned his hand to inventing various household electrical devices and starting his own successful business, the Shelton Electric Company, which had its factory in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Read more




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