Pre-1800 Maps in the Collection of the Delaware Historical Society

(Note bold number at the end of each entry is the map call number.)

(1606) Virginia discovered and described by Capt. John Smith. copy 489

1636, Nova Anglia, Novvm Belgium et Virginia from Mercator-Hondius-Jansson Atlas. Johannes Jansson, Amsterdam - DHM

1651, Map of Virginia.  John Goddard, sculp. Copy - 490

1651, New Belgium and New England.  Janson-Visscher series.  Copy - 501

1655, Nova Suecia... Peter Lindestrom. Copy - 19.1

1656, Map of New Netherlands with a view of New Amsterdam. Copy from map by A. Vander Donck, (1877) - 441

1667, Nova Virginia Tabula. Bleau - 491

1670,Pas caerte van Niew Nederlandt en de Engelsche Virginies.... Pieter Goos, Amsterdam - DHM

1671, Nova Virginiae Tabula. Ogilby, America London - 493

A Map of some of the Southeast bounds of Pennsylvania in America. Thornton and Seller. Facsimile - 458

1673, Virginia and Maryland Augustine Hermann, London. Facsimile by John Brown Library, Providence, R.I. - 492

1676, A Map of Virginia and Maryland from the Theatre of the Empire of Great Britain John Speed, London - DHM

(1681) A Map of ye improved parts of Pennsilvanie in America, divided into counties, townships, and lotts, containing the counties Chester, Bucks, Phila and city of Philadelphia. Holme. Copy - 455

(1681) Pennsylvania. Boundaries of Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware in accord with final partitioning of royal grants to Lord Baltimore and William Penn. (1935) Copy - 26.3

(1690) Novi Belgii, Novaeque Angliae nec non partis Virginiae Tablua.  Nicholaum Visscher. Copy - 503

1690, ANew Map of New England, New York, New Jersey, Pensilvania, Maryland, and Virginia Philip Lea, London - DHM

ca. 1690 Virginia and Maryland. A Chart of the Sea Coasts of New England, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland and Carolina John Seller: London - DHM

1710, North America. John Senex: London - 708

1721, New England, New York, New Jersey and Pennsilvania & c. Herman Moll. - 535

1720 or 1729, Virginie, Grande Region de l'Amerique Septrionale Pierre Vander: Amsterdam - 494

(1730) New England, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Herman Moll. - 505

(1730) Amplissimae Regionis Mississipi...J.B. Homan: Norimbergae - 438

(1733) North America. William Delisle. - 709

1732, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia. Boundary Disputes Articles of Agreement. John Senex, London - DHM

1733, North America.  Henry Popple.  Facsimile - 710

1736, A Map of the counties of Newcastle, Kent and Sussex upon the Delaware. Benjamin Eastburn.  Facsimile published by Clements Library - 2.1

1737, Domina Anglorum in America Septentrionali. Johannes Baptista Homann.  Four maps: New Foundland; New England; New York and New Jersey; Virginia and Maryland. - 536

1746, New England, New York, New Jersey and Pensilvania. H. Moll: London - 506

(1749) Map of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and the Three Delaware Counties.  Lewis Evans. Facsimile - 420

1750, North America.  Philippe Buache: Paris - 712

(1750) North America. M. Bonne: Paris - 722

1751, A Map of the Most Inhabited Parts of Virginia Containing the Province of Maryland with parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and North Carolina. Joshua Fry and Peter Jefferson, London - 403 DHM

(1752) A new and accurate map of Virginia and Maryland.  Emmanuel Bowen: London - 495

ca. 1753 North America. After William Delisle: Germany - 701

1752, Virginia. J. Gibson in London Magazine - 496

1750, North America.  Philippe Buache - 712

(1756) North and South America. Johannes Baptista Homann - 702

(1757) Maryland with the Delaware Counties and Southern New Jersey from London Magazine Thomas Kitchen, London - 404

(1760) Pensilvania, Maryland and Virginie J. Gibson: London - 419.1

 (1760) Penn-Baltimore Agreement. Copy - 517

(1765) Map of the British Colonies in the year 1765 from a Map of the Period. Published ca. late 19th century - 713

(1768) Boundary line of Northern Colonies by Treaty of Indians with S. Will Johnson. John E. Gauil - 714

1769, A Map of that part of America where a degree of latitude was measured for the Royal Society from the Gentleman's Magazine. Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon: London - 2.5



(1771) Partie de L'Amerique septrionale qui comprend la Canade, La Louisiana, La Nouvelle Angleterre, la Florida, etc. M. Bonne: Paris - 715

1772, Copy of the Plan of the Borough of Wilmington as referred to in an Act of Assembly passed 6th mo. 13th, 1772 with addition of original tracts, Indian trails and land marks. Drawing - 68

1772, Map of Borough of Wilmington Attested by John Stapler and Griffith Minshall as to being the map referred to in minutes of Assembly October 1772 witnessed by David Bush and Joseph Shallcross, re-issued 1793 - 73

(1810) Pennsylvania. John F. Howell - 470

1774, North America as divided amongst the European powers. Samuel Dunn for Robert Sayer: London - 716

1773 or 1757, Caete de la Virginie et du Maryland, on de la Brie De Chesapeake et Pays Viosins Bellin, Paris - 404.1

1774, A map of the British Empire in North America.   Samuel Dunn for Robert Sayer: London - 717

1776, Chart of Delaware Bay and River from the Original by Mr. Fisher of Philadelphia William Faden: London - 20

1777, Seat of the War in the environs of Philadelphia. from the London Magazine Thomas Kitchen: London, copy - 636

1779, A chart of Delawar Bar, with soundings and nautical observations. J.F.W. Des Barres: London - 20.2

1779, A Chart of Delawar River from Bombay Hook to Ridley Creek... J.F.W. Des Barres: London- 20.4

1780, A new and accurate map of the province of Pennsylvania in North America, from the best authorities.  Universal Magazine - 466

1781, North America. M. Bonne: Paris - 720

(1783) A map of the United States of America agreeable to the Peace of 1783.  Guthrie's New System of Geography - 508

1784, North America. F.L. Gussefeld: Nuremberg - 721

1787, Delaware at the time of ratification of the Constitution. John Churchman: Geological Survey of U.S. Sesquicentennial Commission, 1937 - 3

ca. 1790, Part of North America Comprehending the Course of the Ohio, New England, New York... Sir Robert: London - 721.1

1791, North America. D'Anville: London - 723-724

1794, A chart of Delaware Bay and River...faithfully coppied from that published at Philadelphia by Joshua Fisher... Laurie and Whittle: London - 20.3

1796, Delaware from Carey's Atlas.  W. Baker, Philadelphia - 4

1799, Delaware Joseph Scott from New and Universal Gazetteer. N. Scholes, Philadelphia - 4.5, DHM

1799, The States of Maryland and Delaware for Paynes Geography from the latest surveys N. Scoles: New York - 405


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