The Society has changing exhibits at the Delaware History Museum, Jane and Littleton Mitchell Center for African American Heritage, Read House & Gardens and the Willingtown Square Gallery.

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The First State at the Front: WWl and the Road to Victorious PeaceNovember 2017 - September 2019 
Advent of the Poinsettia, Read House & Gardens, Winter 2002-2003
African Americans in Delaware, Willingtown Square Gallery, closed April, 2008
Almost as Fast as Birds Can Fly, Delaware History Museum, 2010 - February 2011
Al's to Zutz, Celebrating a Century of Delaware's Jewish Business Tradition, Sept. - Nov. 1999
Black Delaware in the Age of Emancipation, November 5 - December 18, 2015
Be True to Your School, Willingtown Square Gallery, 2010
Buttons, Ballots and Ballyhoo: Seeking Your Vote in Delaware, Willingtown Square Gallery, Nov. 2004-Feb. 2005
Caesar Rodney Journey to Independence, Delaware History Museum, Oct.-Nov. 1999
Celebrate the Holidays, Read House & Gardens, Winter 2003
Can it!  Canning in Delaware, Willingtown Square Gallery, Summer 2004
Celebrate the Season, Read House & Gardens, Winter 2004
Celebrating the Federal Season, Read House & Gardens, Fall 2000
Christmas from our Past: Toys and Gift Giving from the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, Delaware History Museum, Winter 2000-2001
Christopher Ward: A True Blue Delawarean, Willingtown Square Gallery, Winter 2010-2011
Civil War Stories, Willingtown Square Gallery, Winter 2006-2007
Clifford Brown, Wilmington's Jazz Immortal, Willingtown Square Gallery, May-Sept. 2009
Complex Relations: Delaware at the Time of First Contact, Delaware History Museum, Fall 2006-Jan. 2007
Conspicuous Consumption for a Cause: Flower Market Photos, 1930s-1960s, Willingtown Square Gallery, May-Sept. 2008
Country Roads,The Mayor's Unemployment Relief Committee, rural road improvements projects, 1930-1932, Willingtown Square Gallery, Jan.-June 2001
The Dansey Flag, One Object, Four Stories, Delaware History Museum, Oct. 2006-Jan. 2007
Delaware and the China Trade, Read House & Gardens, September-December 2011
Delaware Century Farm Portraits, November 5 - December 18, 2015

Delaware Farmer, Willingtown Square Gallery, 2006
Delaware Goes into Mourning, Old Town Hall, 1997
Delaware in the Civil War, Delaware History Museum, 1998 (Note: Parts of this exhibit can currently be seen in Distinctively Delaware)
Delaware's Master Craftsmen, Delaware History Museum, Jan.-March 2000
Delaware Samplers The Fine Art of Stitchery, 1728-1970, Willingtown Square Gallery, March-Sept. 1998
Delaware's Diminutive Dollhouses, Delaware History Museum, Feb.-April 2003
Documenting the Read House, Read House & Gardens, 2010
Dream Quits, January - February, 2016

Edward L. Loper Sr.: A Life in Art, Research Library, 2003
Emily Bissell and the Christmas Seal, Willingtown Square Gallery, Winter 2007
Pennewill Brown Leach(1878-1959), Her Life and Work, Delaware History Museum, March-Aug. 1999
The Etiquette of Tea, Read House & Gardens, 2003
Every Picture Tells a Story, Delaware History Museum, March-April 2008
Everything Oriental, Delaware History Museum, April-Sept. 1999
The Face of Farming, Delaware History Museum, May-Aug. 2006
Fathers of our Country, Delaware History Museum, Feb.-Nov. 2007
Females by Charles Parks, Delaware History Museum, Feb.-May 2005
Fences and Boundaries: Works by Saul Sophrin, Willingtown Square Gallery, Jan.-May 2009
Forging Faith, Building Freedom, September 2013-June 2014
Frank Schoonover's Lincoln Paintings from the Collection of WSFS Bank, Delaware History Museum, Feb.-April 2009
Frontier Delaware, Delaware History Museum, Dec. 2009-March 2010
Full Circle? A History of Change on Market Street, Delaware History Museum, Sept. 2007-Jan. 2008
Genuine America Music, Delaware History Museum, June-Aug. 2004
George Washington, Man Myth Memory, Delaware History Museum, Oct.-Nov. 2009
Gustavus Hesselius Portrait Exhibit, Delaware History Museum, April 2003
Half a Chance: Stories of Jewish Delawareans, Delaware History Museum, Sept.-Dec. 2004
History Takes Flight, Willingtown Square Gallery, 2002
Holiday Dress, Read House & Gardens, Winter 2005
Holidays Past, Willingtown Square Gallery, Winter 2004
Holiday Wonderland of Trains and Toys, Old Town Hall, Nov. 2001-Jan. 2002
How has our Garden Grown? Read House & Gardens, July-Nov. 2007
Howard Schroeder's Delaware, An Artist's 50 Year Vision, Delaware History Museum, Winter 2007-2008
Inside and Out: Two Centuries of DuPont Products in the Home, Delaware History Museum, March-Aug. 2002
A Jane Austen Christmas, Read House & Gardens, Winter 2001-2002
Little Italy, Big Festival, May -September 20, 2014
Made by Delaware Hands, Delaware History Museum, 2007
A New Look at an Old Town, New Castle Delaware 1651-2001, Delaware History Museum, Winter 2001-2002
NASCAR Delaware on the Fast Track, Delaware History Museum,
Night Before Christmas, Read House & Gardens, Winter 2000-2001
Opulence and Elegance, Delaware History Museum, Sept.-March 2001
The Other Side of Empire, Old Town Hall, July 1998-Jan. 1999
Pelerines to Parasols: Accessorizing the Well Dressed Lady, Willingtown Square Gallery, Fall 1999
Pirates, Patriots, and Medieval Pageantry, The World of Howard Pyle, Delaware History Museum, Oct. 2003-Jan. 2004
Play Ball! Baseball in Delaware, Delaware History Museum Giftshop, Autumn of 2012
Puzzles and Pas-times: Old Time Toys and Games from the Collection, Willingtown Square Gallery, Fall-Winter 2008
Quilt Stories by Teresa Barkley, Delaware History Museum, Sept.-Dec. 2005
The Ransom of New Castle, Read House & Gardens, Summer 1999
Recognizing Delaware: Artist Assets from the Wilmington Trust Collection, Delaware History Museum, April-Sept. 2001
Read House & Gardens - Seasonal Holiday Tours, November 25 - December 31, 2015
Remembering the Blue Hen Chick: A Delaware Flyer in World War II, Willingtown Square Gallery, 1999
Remembering Elbert N. Carvel, Governor of Delaware, 1949-1953 and 1961-1965, Willingtown Square Gallery, Sept. 2007
Rodney to Roth: Delaware's Collected Memories, Delaware History Museum, June-Aug. 2005
The Schoonover Studios: A Place in Our History, Delaware History Museum, March-May, 2006
Season's Greetings, Willingtown Square Gallery, Nov.-Dec. 2000
Smoke Eaters: Firefighting in Delaware, Delaware History Museum, June 2008-Feb. 2009
Spring Experiential Tour at the Read House & Gardens, June 1 - November 15, 2016
Spoons and Spectacles: Silver in Delaware Life, Delaware History Museum, Feb.-May 2008
Steppin' Out...Under the Stars, Delaware History Museum, September - December 31, 2011
Sterling Selections: Silver from the Collection of the Delaware Historical Society, November 5-December 18, 2015
Summer Dress at the Read House, Read House & Gardens, Summer-Fall, 2005
Tales and Traditions: Holidays at the Read House, November 25-December 31, 2016
Then and N.O.W.: The Story of Helen Thomas A Modern Women's Right Activist, Willingtown Square Gallery, Feb.-July 2005
Toys and Dolls of the Past, Willingtown Square Gallery, Winter 2001-2002
Trees, Trains, Toys and Dolls, Delaware History Museum, Nov. 1999-Jan. 2000
Vanished Estates of the duPont Family, Delaware History Museum, April-Aug. 2001
Vietnam Mailbag, Delaware History Museum, Sept. 1999-Jan. 2000
Views of Valor: World War I Paintings by Schoonover and Hoskins, Delaware History Museum, Nov. 2002-Jan. 2003
Vintage Endearments, Delaware History Museum, Jan.-Feb. 2000
Whales, Weirs, and Waterfowl: Delawareans Working on the Water, Delaware History Museum, June-Nov. 2009
What's Cooking in Delaware, Willingtown Square Gallery, Aug.-Nov. 2005
Wilmington Goes to the Movies: Theaters in the Last Century, Willingtown Square Gallery, April-June 2000
Wilmington in the 1930s: Focus on the East Side, Delaware History Museum, Feb.-Aug. 2004
With Pen in Hand: Highlights of the Morse Autograph Collection, Willingtown Square Gallery, June-Sept. 2001
Women's Work, Read House & Gardens, Fall-Winter, 2004
Wonderful World of Dollhouses, Delaware History Museum, Jan.-Feb. 2000
You are Welcome Hither: Arden Delaware 1900-2000, Willingtown Square Gallery, June-Nov. 2000

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