Record Group II:  Legislative Files
138 linear ft.
Boxes 41-178
Dates 1967-2000
Content Note: Bills of legislation sponsored and cosponsored by WVR, voting record, Congressional Record, subject files, committee files, and correspondence.
Restrictions: Boxes 138-139 are closed until 10 years after donor’s death.  Boxes 146-175 are closed until 2025 or 10 years after donor’s death, whichever is later.
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A.  Bills of Legislation sponsored and cosponsored by WVR
7 linear ft.
Boxes 41-47
Dates 1967-2000, 90th Congress First Session to the 106th Congress Second Session
Content Note: Bills of legislation sponsored and cosponsored by WVR.Boxes 41-45: Bills of Legislation
Boxes 46-47: List of legislation prepared by the Library of Congress 
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B.  Congressional Record
10 linear ft.
Boxes 48-57
Dates 1967-2000
Content Note: The Congressional Record is broken down into two series, one
organized chronologically and the other by subject.
Boxes 48-53: Congressional Record statements organized chronologically
Boxes 54-57: Congressional Record statements organized by topic
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C.  Voting Information
17 linear ft.
Boxes 58-74
Dates 1967-2000
Content Note: Voting Information is divided according to voting record from the Congressional Record and lists created by the Congressional Reference Service, voting history, voting record by subject from the Congressional Record, voting record for individual use, vote study by interest group, vote study by issue, and record vote analysis. 
Box 58: Voting record
Boxes 58-60: Voting history
Boxes 61-62: Voting record organized by subject
Boxes 63-64: Voting record for individual use
Box 64: Vote study by interest group
Box 64: Vote study by issue area
Boxes 65-74: Record vote analysis
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D.  Subject Files
71 linear ft.
Boxes 75-145
Dates: 1967-2000
Content Note: Subject files about bills of legislation sponsored or cosponsored by William V. Roth, Jr., general and specific subject files for information about files not related to specific bills of legislation including court-ordered busing, defense, Delaware, education, environment, foreign affairs, health, the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, judicial activities, taxes, and trade.  Each subject file series is organized chronologically. 
Restrictions: Boxes 138-139 are closed until 10 years after donor’s death.
Boxes 75-76: Bills of legislation, 1967-1970
Boxes 76-78: Bills of legislation, 1971-1975
Boxes 78-80: Bills of legislation, 1976-1980
Boxes 80-82: Bills of legislation, 1981-1985
Boxes 82-96: Bills of legislation, 1986-1990
Boxes 86-95: Bills of legislation, 1991-1995
Boxes 95-102: Bills of legislation, 1996-102
Boxes 103-104: Court-ordered busing
Boxes 105-106: Defense
Boxes 107-109: Delaware
Box 110: Education
Box 111: Energy
Boxes 112-113: Environment
Boxes 114-122: Foreign Affairs—Asia
Boxes 123-125: Foreign Affairs—General
Boxes 126-133: Foreign Affairs—NATO
Boxes 134-136: General
Box 137: Health
Boxes 138-139: Impeachment of President Bill Clinton (closed)
Box 140: Judicial Activities
Boxes 141-142: Taxes
Boxes 143-145: Trade
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E.  Committee Files
30 linear ft.
Boxes 146-175
Dates 1971-2000
Content Note: Includes files from the following committees: Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee, Committee on Government Operations, Governmental Affairs Committee (GAC), the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations (GAC), Joint Committee on Taxation, Joint Economic Committee, Foreign Relations Committee, and Senate Finance Committee.  Each series is organized chronologically.
Restrictions: Boxes 146-175 are closed until 2025 or 10 years after donor’s death, whichever is later.

F.  Calendars of the U.S. House of Representatives and History of Legislation
1 linear ft.
Box 176
Dates 1969-2000
Content Note: This material gives the dates when legislation came before the House and Senate.
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G.  Issue Index
2 linear ft.
Boxes 177-178
Dates 1968-2000
Content Note: Organized by subject and chronologically.
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